EP Insight

EP released on Sep 6, 2014
Ficha Técnica
Selo: Unsigned
Gêneros: Rock, Metal
Data de lançamento: Sep 6, 2014
Lyrics and music: Daniele Krauz
Drums – Alessandro Kuster
Keyboards – Evandro de Souza
Guitars, acustic guitars, bass – Tiago Mosh
Recording, mixing e masterization – Alessandro Kuster
Design  – Rayssa Machtins
Photography – Ellen Karolynne
Heaven Kuster Estudio
Guarapuava – Pr, Brazil
July 2014 to August 2014
Produced by Alessandro Kuster

The four songs released in the EP Insight are all in between Progressive Metal, Melodic and Gothic. They were recorded in Heaven Kuster studio and produced by Alessandro Kuster, between July and August 2014. The  teaser It was released on September 6, and then the EP was offered for sale online.

  • Divine: “It is not such a heavy song. It is more melodious, climatic, with remarkable vocals. The lyrics, according to the composer, talks about being ‘deceived by empty traditions’. It almost sounds esoteric, and the music draws to that too.”
  • Forever: “this one starts calm, melodious, to fall into an ass kicking piece, and then drops again (classic prog). The vocal melodies are very beautiful and the music is diverse, with interesting tempo changes. The lyrics talk about dissatisfaction, greed and isolation.”
  • Holy Dance: “with an introduction kinda folk, getting pretty heavy then, with dissonant vocals. It is the track with the highest rhythmic variation, with clear influence of seventies rock (Queen, in particular). The track brings perhaps the most complex vocal of the EP. The chorus is sensational! The whole song is a very good trip, with a beautiful guitar solo and a very good instrumental work in general. The lyrics talks about  how we are manipulated and how we are always in the hands of others.”
  • Inner Talk: “a fantastic and melodic introduction on the acoustic guitar, recalling the Celtic music of Nordic bands.”
  • Fabiano de Queiroz, Som na Caixa, Guarapuava! (Sep 15, 2014)

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