Guarapuava Rock City 10 years

DKrauz: show Guarapuava Rock City 10 (9/4/16)

DKrauz band will be participating in the Guarapuava Rock City festival 10 years, on April 09, in Guarapuava, Paraná.

Celebrating one of the biggest authorial Rock events in southern Brazil, Guarapuava Rock City brings 16 local bands taking turns on two stages. In addition to the focus on local bands it is allied the social nature with the entry being 1kg of non-perishable food. See event details in Guarapuava Rock City 10 years page

In this event the band will bring alongside the singer Daniele Krauz the musicians Felipe Milla on keyboards, Israel Bahls and John Ovitzke on guitars, Jean Ramos on bass and Fabio Henrique on drums. The presentation will also include the participation of the singer Plinio Nogara, vocal of Futhark band, in a duet with Daniele. Meet futhark band on Facebook:ärk-Banda-140336822660998

It is the second participation of DKrauz in the Guarapuava Rock City festival. In 2015, the 5th edition of the event, were recorded images of the presentation that were used in the clip for the song Forever. In that year the song Divine was present in the event CD collection, in this year’s collection the song is Holy Dance, track whose clip will be released soon.

On the channel of the band on YouTube as well as on the personal channel of Daniele Krauz, lead singer of the band, clips of the band and some presentations recordings can be watched.

Daniele Krauz fan page: 

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