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Dkrauz band released another clip, now with the song Forever, track from the EP Insight. This track will also be present among the 10 other songs in the CD to be released in 2016.

The scenes for this clip were recorded during the band’s concert at Rock City V festival in the city of Guarapuava, Paraná, on 18 April 2015. In this presentation the band included the participation of Jozé Zander on drums, as guest musician, beyond the current formation Daniele Krauz on vocals, Lukas Almeida on guitar, Felipe Milla on keyboards and Paul Werneck on bass. Images and production of the clip were in charge of Mauri Pilati.

The music video Forever can be watched on Dkrauz band channel and on the personal channel of the singer Daniele Krauz along with the Divine music clip and other recordings of concerts and vocal technique classes. Daniele Krauz channel already has a captive audience that makes her 100 videos reach from 500 to 1,000 monthly views. The Divine music clip has reached 6,000 views in a very short period. Both the number of views and subscribers of the channel have increased steadily in recent months.

Based on the figures and comments received, the band expects the music clip of Forever to be very well received. The music is quite different from Divine, but still reaches varied musical tastes, pleasing both rock lovers and people who do not usually listen to that style.

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