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Dkrauz band is developing another project inspired by requests from fans: Special Nightwish show. The performances are already being booked.

In previous shows the band had presented some covers of Nightwish simply because they like the songs. The acceptance was so good that they decided to do a show specially dedicated to Nightwish covers.

The first Nightwish cover show was featured in London Pub in Guarapuava-Pr(Brazil), with the special participation of the vocalist Plinio Nogara, from the band Futhärk. The band plans to invite other singers to make future participations. “It’s always nice to sing with other singers, we like to collaborate with other bands,” says the singer Daniele Krauz. New dates are being scheduled and the agenda will be published soon.

“I am always asked to sing something from Nightwish, people often compare my voice and style to Taria Turunen’s. I think there’s not much getting around that. Actually Nightwish was a great inspiration and a starting push to throw me in the metal. I love to sing those songs and the band found the idea interesting. Either way, be compared to Tarja is a great sign. ”


See the fotos of the show especial Nightwish at London Pub, Guarapuava-Pr.

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